Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ok, well, breaking the 4th wall is creepy

Last night we all went out for a Christmas Drink, the coworkers and I. I fared quite well. People who work in mental health are odd by default. It is good to be among your own people. There was much laughing and politically incorrect humor.
It got me thinking though.

Work friends aren't real friends. Well, no not really. And dammit. I like laughing and being with people. So, inspired by a comment I left on Slyde's blog, I looked up if there were any bloggers from the city where I live. Actually, I punched in the bigger city that is next to my city.


Freaking 692 blogs.

The kids are almost up from their naps and I don't have time to really wade through them yet but eek!

Ya see, I am a minority. I am cultured and am well, a bit different in general. I am like able but, a bit introspective and shy. In other words, typically cerebral writer type girl. So, as I freakin' seek to make some freakin' friends in this town, perhaps I should use the blogosphere to expand my fishing pool.

Good to see that there are other bloggers in North Dakota. Oh wait, don't I live in Alaska? I enjoyed the week I lived in Florida the best. Has noone noticed I change my location every so often ;)

hee hee

Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?


6 Left a message at the beep:

James said...

You ever going to live in Norway? I seen pictures it's nice there. Oh I forgot- it has fucking snow...

Holly Hall said...

James: Hmm, Norway huh? Well, I purposefully don't pick a foreign country because I that would be lying. And honestly, I am honest person :)

Um, yeah.

FUCKING got into my car yesterday and the FUCKING temp read -5 which was the effing high temp. WITH THE BASTARD windchill it was really MINUS FUCKING 35 DEGREES.


This state will not be my last. mark my words.


GeologyJoe said...

Work friends are not friends, like good acquiantances (sp?).

can you use your kids to help you make new friends with their parents? i dont know.

Holly Hall said...

Geo Joe:

Yeah, I could use the kids. But, parent friends are like instant soup.

I looking for something deepr.


Bruce said...

Ahhh, I am confused....what sort of thing? Office Friendships or moving all over creation?

Holly Hall said...

Bruce: The friendships outside the work place. Perhaps finding local bloggers or face book or something like that.


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