Monday, December 29, 2008

Potter's Ground (now Youtube video free!)

OK so.

There was a time, last week, when the Mrs. Hall profile, and other assorted items, didn't display next to the posts on the main page of this blog. This got me ancy. And I did all sorts of things to try and fix it. Switched things around in the layout section, resaved, switched templates.

Then, after a couple Tom and Jerry drinks (a frozen yummy mix you mix with brandy and rum) I basically lost my blog and all the archives with all my futzing. For ten minutes, the main page was a bunch of MS-DOS characters. I really almost freaked out. I mean, Christ! HOLY SHITE!

Luckily, Mr. Hall was able to retrieve it. Which was great. After all, he made me the drinks.

I lost the scores to Potter's Ground though. And some other stuff. But, the archives survived. Either way, I decided to change things up for the new year. I tried to switch my profile to a redhead babe (people kept thinking I was Asian-I'm white).

But have you ever typed "redhead" into Google image search? Thousands and Thousands of porn images. Seriously, eww.

But I did find a nifty banner under the search for "red dress". Hence the new banner. I like the polar bear. Fitting on account of all the snow around here. Plus, I like how the woman is sleeping and peaceful. Things are sleepier and more comfy during winter. And I did find another babe for the profile.

So, my question for Potter's Ground . . . . . .

What is your favorite drinking song?


What is you best drinking story?

Points awarded accordingly and dangit, I will look over things to try and figure out as to who was in the lead . . . . .

. . . . . before I almost burnt the blog down.


Good Luck!

10 Left a message at the beep:

B.E. Earl said...

Best drinking story? Holy Hell! I have way too many. Try my latest post for the most recent one, anyway. I'll try to think up a good one for you tomorrow.

James said...

Oh easy peasy.
fave drinking song: Tubthumping by Chumawumba.

Quintessentially English hooligan drinking song.

I mourn the loss of your previous profile pic. She was edgy and totally you I felt. I will try to get used to the sleepy lady on a rock.

James said...

Duh I just seen the Polar bear. Not a rock.

Gonna try again with that link:

Hmm. Maybe the comments don't accept links

Holly Hall said...

Earl: Very nice story on your blog btw.


I think that if I upgraded the blog or somesuch, I could just click on the link, but I don't want to mess with things every again.

but I can cut and paste so yipee!!


Mrs. Hall

btw-10 points!


Big Pissy said...

Love the new pretty and peaceful. :)

as for Potter's Ground?

I got nothing.

Don't drink.

Never have.

Absolutely nothing against it....just never cared for the taste. :)

James said...

Holly thanks for your comment on my blog. are not supposed to get PUMPED for a yoga class it is all about relaxation etc. I was bought up doing yoga by the way.
Hope your class went well.

Nah that profile pic can't be you that must be a supermodel or something....

Heff said...

Hey, I'm digging this blog's new look !

Best Drinkin' song ?

Drivin' & Cryin' - Straight to Hell.

Check it out sometime.

{{Cam}} said...

The story is too long, but after a night of drinking at our friend's bar, we were walking to the car (with our DD, of course)and noticed a crowd of people running after one dude who was about to get the beat down of his life. So Berg and his best man Rog (who are both about the size of Shrek & have both served our fine community as bouncers at the bar) took off to help this young man. About the time they reached him, I heard several "pops" and panic rose up in my soul. Were they shooting? Oh my Gawd!! But, at that same moment I realized it was BGPD and they were out there tazing fellas. Needless to say, the crowd dispersed quickly. And 2 trigger happy cops had my husband and Rog & were screaming "Get on the ground!" while aiming that little taser light right at their chests. My husband (who has NEVER been in trouble in his little innocent preacher's kid life), hit the ground in one swift movement. Ya know, like the drill you have to do in gym class. I saw other officers taze a guy TWICE & the guy was still standing! And a little paramedic lady was the one that finally subdued him. She strapped his arse down to the stretcher via a strap across his neck. The cops found out that Berg and Rog had no previous history and the bar owners came out and laughed at them, but vouched for them and they were free to go.

Afterwards, Berg told me that the officer asked him why he had two ID's in his wallet. Berg told him that one was his wife's. He asked him "And where is she?" He said "Look around, she's around here somewhere freaking out!"

It was scary and freakin hilarious. My favorite combination.

Bruce said...

OK, I am going to dive in here, since I have been lax in the whole Potter's Ground thing. This all sort of ties together, since I watched "It's A Wonderful Life" over Christmas and it makes reference to Potter's Field (due to Mr. Potter, that asshole)...and since I was down in Mexico, it all sort of sums up the drinking / singing / song theme.

Several years ago, I rented a condo on the Beach in Mexico all by myself for some 'alone' time and found myself on the beach around 11pm at night, standing in the surf, fully clothed, with a bottle of Jose Cuervo in one hand and an iPod with The Who's "Quadrophenia" playing on it in the other.

Lets just say that "Love, Reign'Or Me" and Tequila standing in the pounding surf is sort of a religious expierence.

(The next morning however, was not pleasent).

GeologyJoe said...

I remember this one friend Mack was DJ'ing and didn't leave the bar all night. He kept pissing into an empty bottle of Jose'. By about 1 am it was just about full. This drunk ass girl comes up and says she wants a shot. So Mack pulls up this bottle of 'Golden Anniversary' Jose Cuervo and proceeds to pour out a shot.

The stupid girl had the shot glass right to her lips before her friend realized what was up and stopped her. OMG! so funny. Gross. But major LOL.

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