Saturday, December 6, 2008

Potter's Ground

Welcome back to Potter's Ground, the game that connects knowing stuff about music and being creative with your comments.

I have a lot on my mind this week: ambition, overachieving, being thankful, anger and Oprah vagina forgiveness. All fodder for posts and for Potter's Ground. I was hard pressed for a specific idea though. But, then Slyde wrote about Kayne West and there it is. This week's idea!

Thanks Slyde :)

So, one of the better dog walking songs out there is "Gold Digger" by the ever egotistical Kayne West. It is a challenge to enjoy his music because of his large and loud ego talk. But, I am skilled at separating the art from the artist when I enjoy the arts. Mr. West has a few gems in his gallery of songs. Jesus Walks is the best of them for dog walking (for obvious reasons). But that is not what this week's contest is about.

This week's contest tests how closely you have been paying attention. In this blog, I have mentioned a previous car I owned by it's manufacturer at least twice, if not three times. The last time I mentioned it, was very recently. It is mentioned in the Gold Digger song.

ID the car and/or share any car story you would like. Points awarded accordingly.

Good luck!

Hey, btw, I didn't realize the amount of pin up/half naked girl action in this video (careful if you are watching this, eek!)

Oh, and if you want to hear any of the topics, mentioned above, sooner rather than later, say so in the comments.

16 Left a message at the beep:

Alex said...

Hi Holly..just wanted to say thank you for your nice comment on my contest post. Hope you're having a good weekend!

{{Cam}} said...

and drive off in a Hyundai...

{{Cam}} said...

Sorry was trying to remember the verse. It was something tv on any given Sunday something drive off in a Hyundai.

I think.

I just put a Kanye song on my brand new MP3 player from Berg for my bday. It's purty...

Holly Hall said...

Alex: I am not sure what i wrote,but thanks for stopping by :)

Cam: Keep listening . . . . and Happy B-Day!!

James said...

Great video. The car thing totally passed me by.Didn't notice any body mention a car. I hate cars anyway. Do American black women practice looking that good in underwear?
I dunno.
OK one question before I tell my pathetic car story.

What is Oprah Vagina forgiveness?


I was coming home from work which is seven miles away. Soon as I start off I hear a weird sound which gets worse. Also the car is wobbling a little strangely. I stop in a layby about half way home. The thing I feared is true: one of the front tyres is completely flat.
I have a spare and tools in the back. I consider the situation. I am only 2 miles from home. I just did a 14 hour night shift, it is winter, 5:30 am, cold wet and windy.
I am not going to change this wheel right now I will take it steady and ride it home and do it after I wake up from my sleep.
Only 2 miles. What damage can that do?
I start off. I am doing about 10 miles an hour, crawling along. There is no one around. Now I know what is wrong with the tyre I can feel it. This is taking too fucking long. Maybe if I went faster......the tyre would not be in that state for so long, maybe going slow is the wrong thing to do.
I speed back up to 30 mph but dare not take it any more. If a police car sees me now I am so fucking dead.
My eyes scan the road with a sick thrill of horror. There are no police.
I reach the big roundabout and take the turn onto my estate.
Half mile to go...the tyre is now making a new sound like a slap slap sound very loud. I am forced to slow back down. I pass the school and cross the road junction. Only a quarter mile to go...I pull into my road. Only 200 metres now. The sound from the wheel is hideous. Surely it must wake all the neighbours. And now I can see smoke. I pull the car onto the drive way, turn off the engine with relief.
The smell of burning rubber hits me like a wall.
I get out.
The tyre is practicaly gone, shredded just a piece of flapping rubber on the inner rims smoking. I touch it-it is burning hot.
Not something you see every day.
I made it.


James said...

The above story is completely true by the way.

Holly Hall said...

James: Wow, that is quite the story there. You get 15 points for taking matters into your own hands and driving on through hard times. Plus, my husband use to work a schedule such as yours and well, I can sympathize.

I had about 3 flat tires so far. I will never, in my life time, change a tire. I take full advantage of my girl status this way.



Holly Hall said...


I just noticed you became follower, I hope you enjoy my blog!



Mrs. Hall

{{Cam}} said...

I was going from memory before, but I gave it a listen today and if I get another guess, it's a Datsun...

I almost swear you mentioned a Datsun before.

If not, I've narrowed it down, there are only three mentioned and I've guessed two, fellas, where's Earl and Slyde?

Big Pissy said...

OMG! "Gold Digger" was like our anthem when I worked in Child Support Enforcement at the District Attorney's office. I mean..seriously? How much more perfect could it be?

Our (the DHR people and me) favorite part of the song is when he says "18 years...she's got you for 18 years and then he found out the kid wasn't his" or something like that. That used to happen ALL the time!

Word to the wise: NEVER turn down a DNA test! LOL

I'm sorry. I just got so excited at hearing one of my favorite songs......child support related favorite songs, that is. LOL

Car story?

how much time have you got? LOL goes...

Back in the early 80's ( in my other life) I was married to an Army pilot. We were stationed in Germany and traveled throughout Europe in the new (at the time) Chevy Blazer we'd shipped over.

This particular trip, we were in the Italian Alps with our two daughters...ages 6 and 4...and my visiting mother-in-law. We lived so close that it was a day trip. We had nothing with us except for some snacks for the girls and a change of clothes for the 4 year old.

We're at the top of some mountain. It's been a long time and I can't remember the name. Anyway....we stop for lunch. Go to leave...the truck won't start.

Yes, we're stuck at the top of a mountain in Italy (none of us speak Italian or German...only English and (me) some atrocious Spanish.

We eventually make ourselves understood and are able to make a call ( remember: this is before cell phones) to a "nearby" (we were told) village where a mechanic was located. We made arrangements for a tow truck to come pick us and our vehicle up.

The tow truck driver puts our truck in the back of his flatbed truck with our truck facing BACKWARDS. Okayyyyy..... then he tells us by motions and broken English that there is only room in the cab of his truck for me and the children. Mother in law and husband have to ride in our truck...which is facing backward on this Italian flatbed truck....for the ride DOWN THE MOUNTAIN.


OMG! The look on my mother in law's face was one I'll never forget. Horror doesn't begin to describe it! LOL

We go down this mountain on a road so narrow that drivers would have to pull over for another car to pass....steep and scary don't do it justice.

Every once in a while I'd sneak a peek back at husband and his mother and try not to giggle.

The 4 year old feel asleep on the way down the mountain.

We arrived safely to find that no one in the village could fix our vehicle and it would have to be towed to another city to be repaired. At...get this: a FERRERI (sp?) dealership.

So now we were stuck in the village with the clothes on our backs (save for the 4 year old and her one change of clothes). There were NO stores to buy anything and no one spoke much English.

We stayed at a lovely hotel for two nights waiting for the truck to be fixed.

THEN we had to take a bus and TWO TRAINS to get to the city where our now repaired truck was waiting for us.

I SWEAR I am NOT making this up!

There are more details, but if you're still reading, I'm sure you're bored by now. LOL

Big Pissy said...

oh! Datsun and Hyundai

he also mentioned Benz....

Holly Hall said...

Cam: DING DING DING! You are the first to correctly identify my first POS car. It will be getting its own post in the future. 10 points for you!

Big Pissy: Wow, that is quite the connection to the song there. Is this the same law firm where you gained the name Pissy? That kind of work would make me all sorts of Pissy. Such an underbelly of society you must have worked with. whew!

And your story is, well, wow.I can't imagine what that was like. Thankfully the littlest girl was potty trained. Still, wow. For this, and the personal connection above, you get 15 points!



Big Pissy said...

Holly: LOL!

Yep....that agency is where I gained the nickname "Pissy". 12 years of dealing with child support enforcement will make you ALL kinds of Pissy.

Yes, thank goodness the 4 year old was WELL potty trained. I only had clothes for her b/c she had a tendency to get messy while playing...and since I'm so OCD about clothes, I'd change her outfit the second she got messy. LOL

I was young. I didn't know better. ;-)

Thanks for the 15 points! :)

Slyde said...

Well, once again i am late to the party, and cam already beat me to it.

My car story:
The night before my 21st birthday, i was driving home from a party in my first car (and fav car) of all time, my 78 black firebird.

2 miles from my home, a kid in a lincoln makes a left on red and hits me head on.

I dont remember much after that, i know i went thru the windshield, and that my feet caught the steering wheel and threw me back in the car.

I remember getting out and screaming at the kid to get out of his car because i was going to kill him, then i must have passed out on the road because the next thing i remember was fireman flashing lights in my eyes.

I remember the kid freaking out because he thought there were 2 people in my car, and when he saw me, he thouight he had killed the other person.

i remember refusing medical treatment, and the cops saying they would at least drive me home, but then they all left, and i was left to walk home 2 miles, a bloody mess. I refused treatment because i didnt want a hospital to call my mother at 2am. a mile into my walk, the other kid and his father, of all people, pulled up next to me and drove me the rest of the way home.

i remember senaking into my house, peeling off my bloody tshirt, and starting to pick the glass out of my head in the bathroom, when i turned around and saw my mother who i must have woken up. she fainted on the spot.

i remember spending my 21st birthday in a great deal of pain.

but most of all, i remember the next morning when my dad took me to the impound yard to try to salvage stuff out of my car, and when my father saw the accordian my car had become, and the bloody windshield, he just broke down and cried.

thats my car story, anyway...

Bruce said...

I have never listened to Mr. West, nor do I ever plan to, (espeically since I can't see YouTube at my office computer), so I am out of the running on this one.

My first 'real' car was a 1967 Alfa Romeo Guilia Super Sedan.....sadly, I don't know of any songs that have ever mentioned this car in thier lyrics. (Story of my life) was a great car though.

James said...

Dammit Slyde that car story has to be the winner....

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