Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I shall not want: swimming pool edition

The lord is my Shepard, I shall not want a swimming pool.

Behold the pool of my neighbor. Witness the exaltation as they splash, cavort and throw the inflated beach ball. Hark! hear their cries of earthly delight as they swim in the chlorinated pool of your creation.

And lo! Witness I! Your lowly servant. I am here, on the front lawn of Babylon, kneeling under your glorious sun. I beg for your strength as I try to fix the righteous black knob upon the divine yellow sprinkler. Lord! Release the mighty spray and make still the colossal whining coming forth the mouths of babes on yonder porch. Please Lord, I beg, let the water burst forth in testament to your glory.

Lord hear my prayer.

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B.E. Earl said...

Wait? So you don't want a swimming pool? ;)

Mrs. Hall said...

Mr. Earl:

I am not sure if I want a swimming pool. I think it is a matter of want versus the reality of actually having.

I want to have some outdoor, water based fun. The kids go bonkers for swimming. I love this, when they go crazy whilst swimming.

However, a pool is too much work, money and energy. So I want to revel in the things I do have. Even if it is a perpetually broken sprinkler.

I hope that answers your question. The mind of a woman is a very complicated place indeed.


Mrs. Hall

Tony said...

I'm confused by the powerful emotions of your prayer.... I don't know if I should be spiritually moved or erotically stimulated.

Mrs. Hall said...


The muse if a funny thing. I had not intended to write anything like that until I started writing it. She is a wiley and confusing one.

So yeah. It does sound a bit, um, charged. But, there are kids in there, so let's keep it clean.


Mrs. Hall

(A woman not in charge of the muse. )

Big Pissy said...

....and here I was~all ready to ask your permission to publish that in the Baptist Church bulletin this Sunday.

Buzz kill..... ;-)

Mrs. Hall said...


I could alter it for general publication. Or, you can if you would like and then just say it was me.

It's all good!


Mrs. Hall

Bobby said...

I always tried to stay on good terms with our neighbors, the neighbors with the pool. And then when they moved away, I got on good terms with the new neighbors.

Michelle J said...

Mrs. hall sure a pool would be an awesome god fearing thing to have, but i like your prayers for it better!!! :O)


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