Friday, August 15, 2008

On blogs and booze

First the blogs.

I am very new to the bloggerhood. It is very surreal meeting the nieghbors. I am finding there is are many like me. Seemingly normal people who feel the need to write about things, here on the interweb. Some of them are excellent writers. Some are not. I like them best when they are from the heart. It is like a bizzare family reunion, like hunting down people you find at Long lost relatives and odd uncles from Florida. Third cousins in North Dakota. Unknown twins from Switzerland. It is very powerful writing again. More powerful to actually get a response. Even it is from myself.

Now the booze to celebrate.

I am late to this whole "drinking" thing. My first adult beverage was at age twenty five. Having no real idea what the hell I was doing, I got very drunk and very sick. Didn't go near the stuff for a while. It is a skill, adding the occasional cocktail to one's life.

I had wanted to discuss the cosmopolitan first. But I am tired of discussing Sex and the City. I will simply say that the cosmopolitan does a nice job of being tasty and pretty. It is only four weight watchers point. It comes with a orange twist and a martini glass. I can't help but feel all cute and girly as I sip away. It does a nice job of altering too.

But when I am serious in my booze exploration, I steer clear of the girly drinks. I have discovered Hennessy. It is a bit rough at first. But if you power through the first few sips, it becomes very good. I enjoy the pervasive warmth it provides. It is a grown up drink.

I stop at one though. If I have more than that I get all giggly and wobbly. It is unbecoming of me. I am naturally a very energetic and chipper monkey. Best to keep that at a loveable minimum.

Here's to us bloggers-


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B.E. Earl said...

I've been drinking, not continuously, since I was 16 or so. But I don't believe that I learned "how" to drink until the past 6 or 7 years.

I rarely drink to get drunk anymore. I do it for the taste and the experience, best enjoyed with others.


Big Pissy said...

When I was younger (teenager and in my early twenties) I drank to be sociable.

During all those years I never drank enough to get drunk. Not once.

I stopped even the "social" drinking b/c I just really didn't care for the taste of any of the really...what was the point?

Drinking itself doesn't bother me....I don't care if anyone else drinks. It's just not for me.

The blogging neighborhood is...for the most part...a friendly one. I'm glad you've moved in. :)

seev said...

Hey, Mrs Hall, I'd be careful of that Hennessy. So far, you've been good and stopped at one. Of course, with time, the giggliness and wobbliness may get more tolerable, and then there's always that temptation to .....

Nice blog here!

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