Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Viva la revolucion!

My kids show up here, from time to time, in blog from. Today is one of those days. The painting above is from the impressionist Mary Cassatt. It's called "After the Bath". Her paintings are mostly women, mothers and children. They might have been the only subjects she was allowed to paint, because she was a woman. I could be wrong. Either way, her paintings mean a lot to me.

This is what my family looks like. My girl Pancake, is blonde and five. My son Mac is 19 months now, all blonde and pudgy. I have darker hair as do their father, Mr. Hall.

She will start kindergarten next week. Somehow, my tiny blue eyed blonde baby girl got big and started to toddle around. Then she got taller and thinner. Her hair reached to her butt and she got her first hair cut. Then she began to run and do things on the playground without me holding her by the shorts for balance. She was three or four. Now she is limber and getting taller. She reasons things out and cracks very funny jokes.

About a month ago, we went out to dinner with her little friend. They both ordered chocolate milks. The waitress came and handed Pancake the first chocolate milk. She said "Thank you" and passed it to her friend. Once her friend was settled, Pancake took hers. She did this, as she use to say, "by my own self. "

My heart broke in the most wonderful way when this happened. The weight of this moment is almost too much to bear. I still can't talk about it without crying.

She has been in day care/pre-school since she was a year old. She loves it there. They love her. I love them for loving her. It is a love fest of epic proportions. Hee hee.

But now she is going to real school. She wrote her name on all of the items that we purchased for school. She has her little backpack. Her little gymshoes. And my heart is breaking in the most wonderful ways. And yes, I am crying.

Here comes the revolution.

The school supply list said Pancake needed "Two plain, solid color folders." I didn't like this suggestion. We bought one folder with horses and one with puppies. And thus I start a tiny revolution in my tiny girl.

hee hee.

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Big Pissy said...

I had a framed Mary Cassatt poster in my office for years.

Her paintings are so soothing.

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