Friday, August 1, 2008

Give the people what they want

I am afflicted by the bored parent syndrome. That is to say, I cannot sit through barney or most children stories, because they bore me. And when I am tired, I have zero tolerance.

I have been studying my ass off for my licensing exam lately. This exam allows me to go from registered nurse to nurse practitioner. It will be my dream come true. I am studying very hard. I am spent. Thus, when I tuck the wee Pancake to bed, I do not read to her. There is no reading of "Nemo goes to school" or "Princess Jasmine goes to a kegger". I simply sit with her and tell stories.

At first I had her make up stories about various animals she likes at the zoo. For instance, "The elephants go swimming" or "The lions and Pancake goes swimming with Grandma." This was all she had to offer in the way of stories. It grew tiresome for both of us. It get very repetitious, very fast.

BUT! I have found the golden story! The one that makes her laugh very loud and shake with little girl delight. I simple tell her my day, in second person, but pepper the potty words she holds so dear. It goes like this, 'The nurse went to see her patient in a big apartment building, she got on the elevator and pressed 11 and then . . . . farted. She then went back to the office and had a chicken salad sandwich and went . . . . pee-pee'.

My goodness, that girl can laugh and laugh. These words, these precious potty words, set off paroxysms of joy and giggles. And when she is happy, everyone is happy. Especially the Mommy. That's me.

Pancake can't wait to tell her Grandma and Grandpa these stories. We are going to their house (in my hometown) this weekend so I can study some more. and some more. and some more. . . .

Have a good weekend-

Pee-pee heads!

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well, that's a different sort of story!

Mrs. Hall said...

I aim to please.


Mrs. Hall

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