Sunday, December 12, 2010

What condition my condition is in

Thanks for all the kinds words from the last post. I can say this blog is awesome because it makes it so easy to just put it out there and get wonderful words of support. Plus, the act of saying it outloud releases so much uckiness. I do really feel better ladies and gents. I really do. ;)

And now for the weather report.

Something like 16 inches OF HEAVY WET CRAP on Saturday. I shoveled at 6 pm, then at 9 pm, then at 12 am, then at 4 am, then at 7.30 the next day. There is not a bone, tendon or muscle in my back, arms or hands that is not sore and/or throbbing.

"But Mrs. Hall", you say, "do you not have a snowblower?", to which I reply:


And for the next few days it'll all freeze up with an oncoming cold snap. Highs in the single digits people. Gaah. Well, it's all good. Because I have today off. I will keep up my feet, brew some hot chocolate and enjoy some Lebowski.

It's all good. :)

I still don't quite believe that's Kenny Rodgers singing. But, whatevs!

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B.E. Earl said...

We are just getting a bunch of rain, but man...the Midwest is getting their asses kicked, eh?

And that definitely is Kenny Rogers. Great song and great reference. Glad you are feeling better. :)

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah, but I kicked BACK!!!


Slyde said...

yeah, i was cursing about the rain all weekend, but i guess i should be thankfull.

p.s. i dont own a snowblower either... they are for wusses. i let my biceps do the work.

Mrs. Hall said...

and such big biceps you have!! :) hee hee

Anonymous said...

Way to go all HIYAH! on the snow.

You just made that snow yer bitch, Mrs. (talladega nights)

Here's hopin' you thaw out soon...

Lotus07 said...

Lotus07 is impressed with any woman that can shovel that much go girl!!!!

(ow, by the way, did I mention that it is 80 degrees down here in Phoenix.....I am not kidding).

Mrs. Hall said...


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