Monday, December 6, 2010

I watched Fellini's 'La Dolce Vita' really, really drunk. And it was blurry fun.

When I was 15 I tore out a picture.
From a library book.
It was a book on film.
This is the photo.

For years I saved that photo.
I loved that imaginary woman up there.
I wowed at her.
I'm 35 now.
I still do a bit.
I finally watched the film she's from.
It's called "La Dolce Vita"
or The Sweet Life.
It's a Fellini Film. I was drunk.
This helped the viewing.
It helped a lot.
Trust me.

I've watched Fellini Films before.
The films appear to be all about one man,
and his many womens.
Here they are, all in one place.

The film is all Italian, smoking
and selfish sexual mores.
No one is more selfish,
or smokes more,
then the lead.
Gawd I miss smoking.

That man up there.
He sleeps with women the entire film.
It's really not that interesting.
And the woman I fell in love with,
she's only in the first half.

I can say this.
I love being a women.
I love the power,
the glory of our boobins.
We exude soft and warm.
Kind and inviting.
Whip smart and giving.
All at the same time.
It's really quite powerful.
Power he couldn't tame.

He ends the film all alone.

I highly recommend this film.
But only with a friend.
And only really, really drunk.


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Anonymous said...

I have plans to watch Eat Pray Love with a girlfriend today...but, after seeing your lovely lady, I'm just not sure how Julia can possibly 'stack' up.

Yeah, I said it. ;)

La Dolce Vita heard...did you get it from Netflix? Does your local video store actually have this? If so, your local video store ROCKS!!

Mrs. Hall said...

should be netflix, izz a claaahhsik!!


and gonna see epl soon :)

Charlene said...

A friend rented that movie a few years ago and we watched it eating popcorn and drinking wine. He is a really smart worldly person and was explaining this scene and that scene.

In the film I saw a man I wouldn't spend 10 minutes talking to, like other men I'd met in my life, but this one was dressed in nice Italian suits and with beautiful women, who should have not spent 10 minutes with him.

RW said...

I have a recipe for cacio e pepe that'll knock your socks off.

Mrs. Hall said...

Charlene: yeah, it's suppose to bet this hoity toity classic. I say PSSHHHHAAAWWW!!

It's a man being a womanizer. and other men being selfish in horrible ways. And rich people with too much leisure time. !!!

RW: Feel free to pass it along ;)

Grant said...

How much is it worth to you to keep me from calling the library police and reporting the vandalism and stolen picture?

Mrs. Hall said...

actually, I cannot for the life of me remember which library i stole it from.

so good luck with that!

RW said...

Your wish is my etc.

Lotus07 said...

A long time ago, I watched Fellini's 8 1/2 and La Dolce Vita. Initally I thought that 8 1/2 was the better film, but as I have matured I would have to give the nod to La Dolce Vita. A large bottle of wine does help.

I absolutely adore this film, becuase as you have stated, it is all about one man and the woman that actually mold who he is. Anita Ekber and the Trevi Fountain scene may be one of the best peices of film making ever made.

In the end, all his womanizing and lust for success leave Marcello empty and directionless. The final scene with the sea monster and the little girls speaks so much cerebral volumes that it is almost overwhelming.

This film ranks in my top 10 films of all time. I am glad that you finally got around to watching it.

B.E. Earl said...

Anita Ekberg = hubba, hubba, hubba.

Heff said...

Nice cans, I must admit....

Mrs. Hall said...

Lotus: So whatever. Yeah. big film with surrealism and symbolism and evocative images and all foriegn film Fellini whatever.

Still a story about a rich people with too much time on their hands as the emotionally function as children.


Earl: tell me about it ;)

Mrs. Hall said...

Heff: word

Lotus07 said...

I ain't disagreeing with you on this. That is the point of the whole film.....the shallow, vapid, superficial life of 1950s Rome. That is what the title refers to. As a work of cinema, this is a very good work. As for the plot, yes, it basically documents the pathetic lives of losers, but it documents it very well.

....and there is Anita Ekberg.....hubba hubba (to quote Earl). If you really like Ms. Ekberg, get on Netflix and look for Baccaro '70 (a series of television shorts directed by famous italian directors) where Anita is featured in a Fellini piece where she is 'literally' bigger than life. You get more Ekberg than you ever thought possible.

Rhett said...

Fellini is one of my favorite directors. I love all of his movies. Try Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries. It is intense in its simplicity.

Mrs. Hall said...

LotsO7:First of all-it wasn't a bottle of wine-it was Jim Bean. Second- oh never mind. 2 popped 2 argue.

Rhett: will check it out.

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