Friday, December 3, 2010

Gone are the crazy days of yore

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Every day, at work, I talk to women who bring in their lump of coal husbands. These women they say, "FIX HIM!! FIX HIM!!! FIX HIM!!" and I bounce the ball back in his court. Given suggestions here, there and everywhere so he can help himself.

Meanwhile I want to sometimes scream, I want to scream to these women--"Think about what you life could have been if you didn't have this man child, the heavy anchor of a husband. Why did you choose to stay here with him, all crazy and under the thumb this nonsense?" But I don't.

But these women, the wifes/girlfriends of these lumps of coal, I feel for them. I could have very well been one of them. But I didn't. Because I knew that I was NOT GOING TO STRAP ANY MAN TO MY BACK as I climbed the mountain.

Because destiny was calling me . . . and I answered the call . . . and oh what a joy it is ;)

Don't let anyone stop you that claims he loves you.

Take care and have a good weekend all :)

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ellelove7 said...

I feel the same way, Mrs. Hall! My coworker is ALWAYS complaining about her wretched husband... I could never stay married to such a man who is only possessive and demeaning. Glad you found the right kind of man. :)

Charlene said...

WOW I used to do financial counseling [32 years ago] when I worked for a credit union. Invariably the woman would be workng for the company making a modest but dependable income and the husband would be someone who was never working steadily.

I often wondered why they stayed with a guy like this more than a few years. But time and again there would be a woman married 20+ years and the man had never had a job for more than a year. And despite this, she did not have the upperhand in the relationship. She was still submissive to him!

Mrs. Hall said...

I think what bugs me the most is that they stare me down, expecting me to fix things, because they couldn't fix him.

because people don't fix people.

and they stare me down because if they get mad at me, they don't have to work on themselves, cause if they worked on themselves they would see they married a lump of coal.

the horror!!

Maundering mutterer said...

Some people have miserable marriages. Some people are just miserable people. Its hard to know which when you only hear one side of the story..

SLaBarre said...

I like this alot. I have been learning about demestic violence and violence against women in my sociology class. Even though this is different their are alot of social elements that are connected. This is amazing for you to say and to tell women to stand up for themselves

Mrs. Hall said...

MM: both husband and wife are in my office, because the husbands are my patients.


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