Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bars are fun to places go to

Went on a wee date Friday night. Just me and the mister. Was lots of fun. Bar are fun places to go. The people watching is fun too. Especially if people are on date. It's really subtle how people date. How they entertain each other with tiny stories. All punctuated with a laugh at the end.

And when I watched this one couple, I could tell the guy was totally into her. He was dressed so nice, all matching and upscale. He was smiling so big. Leaning in. She was a bit more reserved, sipping her wine. Sitting up straight. Small smile. Polite smile.



She reached over and pulled at his scarf. Gave it a solid tug. Her hand lingered. Laughing. Then she touched his watch. I could see him practically explode. Good for them.

And I thought of how nice it was, getting tipsy on homebrewed brews. Watching this couple getting to know each other. Mr. Hall was sitting really close, warming his hand on the small of my back. We weren't talking. We weren't talking because we don't have to. We nuggled closer then I was ready to go home.

I can say I would have but no patience for dating anyone else. Especially in a bar where you have to pay attention. I like the quiet and the nuzzles. I like dating Mr. Hall whose been my husband for almost 10 years. I like how crazy we get away from the kids. Because even though we live together, with these crazy all consuming munchins- sometimes it's like we live on adjacent islands.

"HELLO!!", I'll shout on my island. "How are the coconuts over there? Careful for the surf, it's getting wicked this time of year!"

And he'll yell back, "Hello to you sweetheart! Just finished patching up the boat, I'll be over later tonight to light your campfire."

and indeed he will . . . . :)

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Lotus07 said...

Don't do that bar thing anymore. Quite and cozy is my mode of operation. Don't like the distractions or the noise......would rather just concentrate on my sweeter....

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