Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why are women so complicated? I mean really, why?

This and so many other fabulous photos are ripe for the picking from Bruce Johnson, the mastermind behind this blog: Hypocrisy

My sister in law, my mother in law, my husband, me and the kids were all in the same city for the weekend. The city called Cedartown. The city we moved from about a year ago.

Mr. Hall still works there one weekend a month and a few days a week. This weekend was his one weekend a month. I had taken the kids down for an overnight hotel stay because I miss Mr. Hall. The kids miss their Daddy. And hotels are awesome fun.

Me and the kids were to leave Cedarton right after Sunday Brunch. This is where it got retarded in between me and the other women folk mentioned above..


Janet asked me if I could bring the kids to her mother's (my MIL's) house and stay a while after the kids and I had Sunday brunch. That way, when Mr. Hall got out of work, everyone could go out to dinner.

I briefly and politely tried to explain why I was not going to do this. Again, this is where it gets all retarded. Janet didn't understand my reasons for saying no. Nor was she accepting them.

Much discussion on many cell phones occurred wherein my SIL tried to explain why and how I could spend the day in the city with the kids. And then stay for the dinner with the family. Many discussions, many women folk having them.

Here is my sister in law by the way. Note the blonde hair. My husband's grandparents were from Austria. Hence the blonde children that I, a dark haired vixen, bore so happily. That's my daughter on the right.

Also of note in this photo, the big brown horse. That horse is one of two Janet owns. She is, by all accounts, an accomplished horsewoman. She is gracious enough to share this passion with my daughter when we visit.

That being said, Janet has no children. She is married to an awesome guy. They really don't want kids and they are very happy taking trips to Costa Rica, going to horse competitions, taking trips to Spain and doing other fabulous, being married without children things. Like sleeping in whenever they damn well please.

Le Sigh.

I miss sleeping in.

I did not sleep in that Sunday, the Sunday she asked me to stay. Mr. Hall left early that morning. Like four am early. He rose, dressed by the light of his cell phone and left. He was going to be at work for the rest of the day. He gave me a pat on the tush as he left. And a peck on the cheek. tee hee hee...

The kids stirred about two hours later. Like six am later. Too damn early later. It was warm and cute and I love them no matter what.

I love them so much I drove 2.5 hours to Cedartown so they could spent the evening with their Daddy. Because he still divides his time between here and Cedartown. But I have the kids all the time and this requires effort. More effort then I ever thought I was capable of. The kids make it easy though. They were so awesome this weekend. But, that's another post.

Janet has no idea the amount of effort kids take because she doesn't have any. She doesn't understand how the kids can take effort, even if we're just 'sitting around' at her mother's house.

She doesn't understand because they don't take the kids and say, "Hey Holly, I got the kids, you go take a nap." Or, "Hey I'll take them to the Zoo, you go get a pedicure." Or, "Hey, go take a long shower, I'll play trains with Mac. I got this." Also, they never chase the kids around so Mac won't break all the antiques my mother in law has. All breakable priceless figurines. Everywhere.

Because people without kids don't have babyproof houses. But that's another post.


That Sunday was this Sunday. This Sunday was spent having a fabulous brunch with just the kids and me. Then we packed everything up and took two trips to the car. Everyone had to carry something. Mac carried his train and a singular diaper. Pancake carried a big ziploc bag of markers and her unicorn. I carried everything else, gently coaching them to turn here and turn there. Watch out of cars.... don't keep pressing the elevator buttons . . . .

The brunch was truly fabulous, but that is another post.

Then, after we were all packed and strapped in, we left for home. The kids were passed out before we left the parking lot. All sleepy with syrup love.

And we drove home.

And still, Janet has no idea why I said no. ;)

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B.E. Earl said...

I don't understand any of this because I have no kids. ;)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Well, glad you are still reading though, you cat parent you!


Becky the Sign Lady said...

I don't have kids either, but I adore my nieces and nephew. I take them to the movies on a Saturday afternoon.
Then I take them to get a happy meal, then I take them home. Then I go home and veg on the couch for the rest of the day because they have sucked the life from my body.

I kinda understand.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Word up Becky the sign lady, WORD up!!


Wil said...

I have no idea why you say no, but that's another post. Also, I did discover something the other day, you're a cheesehead! Ha, I knew it!


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

YOU DON'T KNOW JACK!!! that being said. Brett is dead to me.


~E said...

I disagree. I have zero kids and yet my whole house is baby proof.

I tend to be very clumsy and fall when walking around. Or standing still. And the padding around the furniture helps out with the concussions.

This comment is weird. And yet, Ill let it stay.

Your kids are CUTE!!!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Yeah, there are like 17 layers of baby proofing. First is eliminating sharp corners. Next is making sure no stray magazines, heavy objects or flaming candles are within reach.

in fact, candles don't really exist for me anymore.

thank goodness for the flameless candle ;)

ok well, here's hoping your day is injury free ;)

GeologyJoe said...

I hope the slept all the way home. So much better that way.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Geo-Joe: Naw, they woke up about an hour in-but that is when we stop at a park, bust out the pb and j sammiches and stretch our legs :)

And when Henry was with, he could run around a bit too. Part of the back seat folds down and he would lay half in the trunk, half on the seat. Never bothered him though, he loved it back there ;)

Then we all piled back in the car and they slipped of their shoes, and played 'foot wrestling', all slapping their barefeet and declaring victory now and again.

I've got these trips down to an very enjoyable science ;)

Sue said...

Oh, I totally understand and I don't have kids... I have old people. They're just as difficult only in their clear moments they throw out a good ole'... "I'm still your mother!" Oiy!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Oh Sue! I've been reading your blog and my heart goes out to you. I think you very well may have it harder than anyone.

I mean, you can't put your Mom on a time out. Nor can you 100% predict her reaction to your intervention.

All of which I can do with the wee ones up there.

Good luck Sue and I hope you find respite in your crazy days. Blogger hug :)

Heff said...


Mrs. Holly Hall said...


Wait, what is this in regards to?

aww never mind, thanks for stopping by Heff ;)

Bruce said...

Well, thanks for all that "linky - love", but I still don't see how the top picture from my Flickr account has anything to do with this story.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


Stop being so literal!

That photo is of a woman, with bountiful and unique displays of her complicatedness.

I mean, look at her clothes, her hair! She is not a simple creature.

And the photo, oh I LOVE that photo. On so many levels. Because I use to look complicated and was very complicated and lovely all at the same time. Just like her.

It's different now. I carry it differently and feel it differently. gah. not making sense but this photo is worht a million bucks to me! :)

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