Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mr. Hall and I discuss my odd and why he likes me

Apologies for the length of this post here, sometimes I just can't help myself. ;)

This blog serves as a virtual nut cracker that opens the brain of Mrs. Hall. I have been blessed with a wickedly strong memory and an eye for detail. I have also been blessed with a crazy life. Underneath it all is an ever chattering muse, urging me to use my voice. To speak in spells and tell my story.

I strive to be original, to speak my absolute truth. I empty all my pockets, strip down to the skivvies and lay my heart bare. Sometimes I am stark raving naked in here. And thank you all for coming here and thank you all for reading.

Really, thank you for reading.

All of which brings me to a little show called "True Blood". It's a HBO series that involves a small southern town, a family called Stackhouse and Vampires. The Vampires live freely amongst the living courtesy of artificially created blood. They drink it like snapple and survive thusly. Mr. Hall and I have watched about eight episodes so far.

I must say, I enjoy me some Jason Stackhouse. That's him on the left.

Jason Stackhouse is a character unburdened by deep thoughts, sexual morality, or ill defined muscles. An unrepentant horn dog. Jason is also funny as hell. I giggle for days thinking of his lines. And for this, I am fully committed to seeing his character till the end. And lord high in heaven, look at him. He is a hunk of burning love without speaking.

Also in the photo, a character named Amy. She is an overbred grifter with long, brown curly hair. With the greatest of ease, she takes control of the simpleton Stackhouse. They do things he never thought possible. Like feeling love while making love. But, what they mostly do, is "V". "V" is actual vampire blood. It makes mortals feel superhuman. Jason and Amy take it like LSD most of the time.

During these scenes of V imbibement, Jason and Amy fly all around, high and happy. They bust open primal feelings and make hot monkee love. They begin a life new to Jason, one with organic almonds. One with a hot girlfriend who doesn't wear a bra and talks about Gaia, the goddess of the earth. He's never met anyone like her. She's so smart he wants to lick her brain. Of course, it's all nefarious. She is an overbred grifter after all.

She is completely alien and enchanting. He's never met anyone like her. And he never stood a chance.

Which brings me back to Mr. Hall and I. Amy has plenty of stories. The way she speaks them, is much the same as me. We both tend to use fancy language and twisty philosophical ideals. We both create our world through declarations. We both have a hippie yet hypersmart aura and long, curly brown hair. And we both have very, very crazy stories to tell.

Stories involving a pig's head in my refrigerator, A rude boy whose heart I smashed, administering nursing care on crackhouse lane and NSFW poetry. But 99% is drug and alcohol free. Because my crazy is not chemically induced. It's home grown. Well, except this story called "The womanly art of metallica."

All of this, I have already given to Mr. Hall. Only I did with pure and loving intent. I show myself to Mr. Hall because I showed him me.

And he never, ever once said,

"I've never met anyone like you before."

Let me repeat that. He has never said,

"I've never met anyone like you before."

99.9% of the people in my life, including all my ex boyfriends I've ever had, have said this to me. And it's true. For better or worse I am wired differently than most. It's like a super power at this point.

But, Mr. Hall, he has never seen me as exotic or strange. He's never been shocked or surprised at anything I've told him. And never is heard a discouraging word. I can't tell you people how much that means to me. Except to say- it means everything.

And I told him this. And I asked him why, why hasn't he been shocked or surprised? Even when he was helping remove the last of my body jewelery, he never raised an eyebrow. I also ask why my stories are so interesting to him. Lots of people have lots of stories. Why me?, I say. This was last night.

And he said, "Because your stories make up how you are. They are all part of who you've become. And yeah, lots of people have crazy stories but you're unique. But you sought them out, that's the key difference."

Damn. I love that man.

SO Thank you for reading my stories. And as always,


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B.E. Earl said...

I haven't watch Season 2 of Tru Blood yet, but man I can't stand Jason! I hate "stupid" characters, but I can see why the womenfolk like him. I'm not blind.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

He's not stupid! Just simple. There is a difference ya know.

and yes, the man is very very very very man candy ;)

the queen said...

Gary is a HUGE TB fan. So are the people at work, and they hav read all the books. They told me the BIG secret, which I will not share, but it kills Gary that I know something he doesn't about the show.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

I think I know the secret but really. I don't care. I mean, do you see the Stackhouse up there.

the guns. the abs. That dopey smile. wait, what was I talking about?

Bruce said...

I can't imagine you making it any shorter. The most dynamic thing about our marriage are the bizarre storeis that we tell each other. My wife's are totally different than mine, but they are both very, very comes from living life with wreckless abandon and living to tell about it.

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