Monday, October 12, 2009

Mood music supplied by Tom Waits, guess which mood

This is Tom Waits

His album, Bone Machine, is one I'll will never forget. It's also one I fought really hard for because I had listened to it with a really big loser x boyfriend who I loved so much but he turned out to be an asshole. And each time I would listen to Bone Machine I would fight the thoughts of him in my head because dammit,


And I did get it back. The album and the music of Mr. Waits is all mine. mmwhaa haaa haa ;)

Which brings me to now. Because now I am on the verge of buying a house. And I love it and it loves us. But I've been here before. Three times in fact. Each time fuck all beyond my control has screwed it up.

But, this house. It has quality. Room for my cherry wood sleigh bed and all the kids toys. And a hot tub which Mr. Hall keeps talking about.

He talks about it every day. (love you babe, we'll get there I promise ;)

So, let's dig deep here. Let's all hold hands and give a little prayer.

Because I want to go home. WE ALL WANT TO GO HOME

Home to a House of Hall.

Turn it up ya'll. It's worth it ;)

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Mrs. Holly Hall said...

"Each time fuck all beyond my control has screwed it up."

I do know how to turn a phrase, no?


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