Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thank you, Dinosaur Train and Nightswimming

Thank you dinosaur train, for coming on at 8.00 am this morning. And thank you Thomas the train for coming on right after. Because the wee Mac cuddled for a solid 45 minutes, all warm on the couch, his back glued to my front.

And thank you eggs, toast. and jelly. Thank you omelet pan too.

Thank you Mac, for asking Pancake to "Come sit next to me and eat oatmeal." Then looking at her and turning to me all smiles and saying "That's my SIISSster, Pancake.

And thank you Pancake for hugging your brother and patting him on the back. Thank you for saying, "My brother is such a little bug!" And thank you for getting him a napkin before I asked you too.

Because every few minutes I would have this paroxysms of overwhelming joy. Because all of this will happen at our new house next Saturday.

And then I said to Mr. Hall, "When it's hot and summer out, we'll put the kids to bed and you and I can go nightswimming in our pool."

And he said, "Yeah, we can be all sneaky and swim naked."

It's almost too much for the human spirit to bear, this joy I feel.

Take care everyone and have a good weekend. ;)

2 Left a message at the beep:

~E said...

Congrats on the new house and the absolutely adorable kiddos!

GiGi said...

Dinosaur Train has magical truly does.

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