Monday, April 23, 2012

No cape for you

When Mr. Hall and I were dating, we spent a week in Colorado. For those that have not been, IT'S AMAZING. For those that have never seen mountains-go, GO NOW.

During one of our hikes I sat down next to a tree and had a sad thought. I would never be a senator or a super hero. I would achieve just so much but not all that I wanted. I realize now my expectations and ego were way out of proportion to reality. Mountains can certainly put things into perspective.

That week was huge. I realized Mr. Hall was quality manliness who planned the entire trip and payed for everything. He opened doors and leaned in when I talked. He made fires, had his own credit card AND drove his own ford taurus. During that trip I knew I wanted to his Mrs. Hall. It was our third week dating.

I must say, lifes been good to me so far. I set my goals on becoming a wife, mother and nurse. I've accomplished thess by the blessings of God. So, imagine my suprise about being so bummed this morning. I didn't want to go to work. I didn't want to go back to bed or anything really.

Ya see, eventually a job becomes a job. No matter how hard I strove for it, yearned for it, took out GOBS AND GOBS of loans for it. It's a job that has been wearing on me lately. I work in mental health so a lot of what I hear are people's problems. Sometimes they are self made problems. I try and point out ways of getting better but the thing is, noone likes being told how to fix their problems. Well, some do but most don't. Even though they're seeing a mental health professional.

It doesn't help that I've been absolutely worn the frick down with nausea and exhaustion. I've been short these past 8 weeks. Tired of hearing them complain about stuff I told them how to fix 3 appointments ago. This hasn't gone unnoticed by my boss who kindly has taking me aside to explain customer service.

I've been asked to attend a conference on confrontational patients. Because my way of dealing with confrontational patients is to show them the door. Only I work for the federal government. The people I see are not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere either. 26 more years until retirement. God willing ;)

Luckily, I can adjust to things so I'm starting to listen more and slow down. And maybe get away to those mountains again.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's a hard, hard thing dealing with people who have bad, bad habits. And it's hard to not like your job.
I do, however, like how much you love your husband.

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