Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I have a lot to say about Mad Men right now

First off, I stand in the minority with the whole "Megan and Don" marriage. I truly believe this is a good marriage with love and potential for growth. Marrying Mrs. Frenchie was an awesome move on Don's part. In fact, I love Megan so much I would marry her!!

That being said, last night's episode was harsh when it came to discussing Don's sexual tryst filled past. Don slept with a lot of womens and they show up at random times. Like in an elevator, when he's standing next to his current wife. It's icky and sad.

Sadder still is the fever induced dream Don had about cheating on his wife. I had flashbacks during those sequences. Ya see, I use to have all sorts of dreams where I would cheat on Mr. Hall. They started when he and I were dating and lasted until about 5 or 6 years into the marriage. They were horrible. Pure torture.

In the dreams I knew full well that I was cheating on Mr. Hall. I would wake up all shaky and have a roaring headache. I would be so relieved that it wasn't true but at the same time, so drained with guilt and fear. IT SUCKED.

Then, one day, I figured out what the hell they were about. It was about me being scared I would lose all that we were. I was scared about losing Mr. Hall, all the love and joy we have. I realized it was nonsense and the dreams stopped. Oh happy day!

So yay for Don, ending the dream for good. If I could have murdered those dreams when I first started having them I would have saved me a lot of trouble!! I don't believe he will ever cheat on Megan. I'll take bets on it!

Speaking of Bets (see what I did there?), I TOTALLY CALLED IT! I KNEW SHE WOULD GET ALL CHUBBY AND JUNK IN THE TRUNK!! I new she'd puff out. Glad she doesn't have cancer. Sad that her husband worships her and she can't grove in his love. BOOH!!

It was nice to see Peggy acting as a mentor to the new secretary. And I do not fault her at the end of the scene pictured above. Even after a night of drinking and dishing, I would have promptly removed my purse from the coffee table and brought it to my room. SHE HAS LIKE 500 DOLLARS IN THERE. I don't care who's sleeping on my couch, that's a lotta money. I don't trust anyone with that kind of cheddar. She should have taken the purse to her room for safe keeping.

AAAANNNNDDD . . . Pete. OH HOW HE'S GROWN!! He's still spoiled, tantrum prone and kind of an idiot but dang, nice to see he's grown a usable pair! Nice to see he's totally settled into being a husband and father, not following in Roger's footsteps of being drunk all the time, cheating on his wife. Good job Pete!!

And speaking of Joan. I felt bad for her in the last episode. I don't know why, but I still had hope for her marriage. Maybe because I see marriages that are so broken where both parties are just monsters towards each other, but, once they get into therapy things turn around. They soften towards each other, GROW THE HELL UP and then create a wonderful marriage out of the rubble.

I'm sure Joan is capable of this. Her husband wasn't though. Rotten to the core and unable to even try to adjust to her and her needs. I mean, what husband doesn't let his wife get on top? A husband that is no longer married to Joan!

So what's in Joan's future? Single motherhood. Maybe she'll knock on Roger's door. I doubt that though. Roger is another man child. And one child is enough for her!


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Lotus07 said...

(I'll e-mail you the long response)

Lotus07 said...

I cheated a bit and read the synopsis prior to watching the episode, so I knew what was coming. That said, this is still character and story-line building at this point. The only thing that really 'happened' in this episode was that Joan dumped her husband. Which was inevitable. At least he left on his terms and wasn't forced out by Joan.

Joan is going to be the 'alpha' in any relationship and Greg just wasn't going to put up with that. That is why he went back to Nam, because there he was large and in charge. Funny note: the accordion at the dinner scene was hilarious in my view.

I don't see Don cheating on Meghan in the near future. He has gone to the edge to many times and almost fallen off. He will stick this out for a while, possibly permanently. But don't be too sure about Meghan, she might wander later on. Remember, she is much younger than Don.

Pete Campbell, has a lot to prove to himself and others, so he is going hells bells to work that Agency, no doubt a major blow-up between Pete and Roger will occur sooner or later, where the firm will have to side with Pete, for financial reasons if nothing else.

Peggy continues to grow, but I don't know toward what? Becoming one of the guys, finding true love and companionship, success? Hard to tell what she will become.

The new Jewish guy is going to be a big plot development. He is obviously very talented, as seen in the Panty Hose presentation, but he has some dark demons in his past that are going to drive him and consume him in the later half of the 60s. He will be a character to watch.

Really no Harry Crane, Roger Sterling or Lane Pryce in this episode.

I am on the fence about Joan and Roger. Something will have to come out of that, but I am not sure what. I can't see here keeping the baby and not have him find out that it is his. Since Roger is unhappy with his 'tart' wife, he is bound to test the waters when Joan comes back, especially when he learns that she has left her husband. I mean, come on, this is Roger Sterling.

With regard to the Francis clan, I have a theory there. Regarding Henry and Betty, the focus is going to be on the children, specifically the daughter as she matures. She already shows it with her phone call to Don in the show. And while it is still early, I sense a bond between the step grandmother and Sally. She is cruel and cremudgenly in this episode, but she also confides in Sally as though she were an adult, which few people in Sally's life have ever done. I am expecting most of Betty's role in the near future will have to deal understanding and connecting with Sally, and not so much interacting with Don. That is going to be interesting.

...and that is all I have to say about that.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

NEED to watch the last episode--I've missed much I can tell!
I had NO idea Betty would plump out. And how much she still needs Don...very sad.

Slyde said...

i am ignoring this whole post, as i've yet to watch mad men. i keep waiting for the series to finish so i can watch it all on netflix...

Mrs. Hall said...

Lotus: it's so sad but I agree with you about Megan. THe young ones often tired of older stick in the muds. There's only so much of a mentor one can take in a man.

and the Henry Better deal is about the kids. Pancake is a few years younger then their girl. It's a delicate age when childhood is still very much present but a young woman is bound and determined to rise from underneath. It's a scary process to watch and be part of. I actually like the grandma though. Straight shooter and has expectations of the girl. Plus, ya know, dispenser of senocol!! hee hee.

I'm tired of Roger. This mirrors my own life with mentors. If someone is bound and determined to live a life of debauchary, it can be novel and funny at first. But if they lack depth, it gets old fast. Doesn't mean I don't have affection for the man but the silver fox has worn out his development.

The Jewish guy is a lot like Pete I think. Talented and raw with little social judgement. But, he has a moral compass. Should go far that guy.


Mrs. Hall said...

OK everyone, good discussion or lack there of. See you all in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

OMG You're Mrs. Hall!? I'm putting all the pieces together right now!

I am so excited you blog about mad men.I am totally joining these discussions. I'm a Mad Men addict!!!

I agree! Megan is a great wife! Joan's whole situation makes me sad.
Pete is a big old jerk.

Oh, what happened with Sally and the knife. They left the episode a week ago and never covered what became of that whole thing in this episode. I'm confused!

It is weird to see January Jones fat...She is a miserable person.

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