Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not overthinking the crow

Haven't had much to say lately. So, let's talk about crow.

That up there, my good people, is the crow pose. I've been practicing yoga at a new studio. I hadn't been at my old yoga studio in a year. I've been avoiding it because they knew me when I was pregnant. I thought a lapse in classes would cause them to forget me.

So I called and asked if I had anymore classes on my account. They not only remembered me, but they asked about Mr. Hall. I don't know why I think people don't remember me. People always tell me that I don't have to reintroduce my self. Maybe I like to hope I'm anonymous.

I think most bloggers are introverts. This is why we have a blog. Yet, I am actively challenging this. Each and every day I am breaking the wall between me and the others. THE OTHERS I SAY!!!


I went to my old yoga studio and there was a new teacher.. She was kinda loud. And funny. Then, she looked right at me and said, "HOLLY, WHY DON'T YOU TRY THE CROW POSE." She didn't really shout it or ask it. She just sorta told me, in no uncertain, yet very friendly terms, that I would be doing the crow pose. Which I've tried for years but can't seem to do.

But I did it.

The key is not thinking, not analyzing, just going for it.

And while I only held the pose for 2 seconds, I did it.



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Anonymous said...

Crowabunga, dude! Way to go!

(you see what I did there, right? it's bart simpson's cowabunga, but added an r to make iii....yeah, it was lame. sorry 'bout that)

I am so inspired by and proud for you on this journey, Mrs. No blowing smoke up your are doing the hard work it takes to reach the grace on the other side. Smooshy love being sent right on up to ya!

K.D. said...

Wow. Way to go!

The Savage said...

And THAT is zen....

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You are days away from the headstand, baby! Atta girl!

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