Tuesday, October 4, 2011

En route to babe status, tenderly

Picked up my son from preschool yesterday. He was all snotty nose and face down. I could tell it was a bad day. Which one has when one is four. Then his teacher came out and talked about what happened. He wouldn't line up, gave her lip and was disrepectful.

First off, I don't really deal well with teachers telling me bad things about my kids. I go into this shame-embarrassed-then hyperdefensive spiral. It's a spiral where I feel embarrased and ashamed then get really mad because he's my SON. And how dare she talk smack about him??

He's four, he is learning how to listen. She's with him for only 3 hours a day, he's a good boy, he just needs TIME. JUST LIKE AT SWIM CLASS, JUST LIKE AT GYMNASTICS!!! HE IS A GOOD KID!!!! HE HAS A BIG GIGANTIC HEART AND CARES A LOT!! AND HE'S SO SMART!!! HE JUST HAS PROBLEMS FOLLOWING RULES!! (just like his momma ;)

And she's talking to me, and I'm feeling my way through the spiral and I realize I'm getting way too worked up. I realize I'm about to cry, just like Mac. Then I cut her off and say, slowly, "Well, it's a work in progress." And she nods, we exchange polite smiles/shoulder shrugs and I leave because I don't want to listen to her anymore.

This is why Mr. Hall deals with the teachers.

So, I think about this. I realize that I had yoga class right before I picked him up. My yoga practice is coming back to life. Not only am I feeling my emotions again, I'm feeling all sorts of muscles and moving around like I own my body. I'm kind of exploding on the inside.

Which is great, cause that means I'm en route to babe status. Lost about 13 lbs so far. Size 10 jeans here I come.

Except I've signed up for a challenge. I've signed up for 21 straight days of yoga. Which should help shrink my chubby quite nicely. I'm scared though. There is an emotional aspect that comes roaring to life when I yoga regularly.

Not sure what will happen when I do yoga 21 days straight.

wish me luck!

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K.D. said...

Good luck, and thank you so much for posting that video. I love Debbie Harry. That video (and audio) is beautiful. I'm going to listen to it one more time and then hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep. (One of those wakeful nights.)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's a LOT of yoga!

On the other hand, a lot of teachers don't take the trouble to talk to parents about their kids' misbehavior--it's too much effort/time/risk that they'll hate you and get in your face. So props to her for speaking up. It's probably a matter of your son testing boundaries, seeing what he can get away with--common for that age! (Don't throw that pen at me! Quit scowling, Mrs. Hall!) I had to talk to 2 parents last night about how their kids were naughty at Awana. It sucks and makes me wicked uncomfortable, but I'd want to know if my boys were knuckleheads and I'm always the first to praise the right behavior next time. So I'll hope your son's teacher has all glowing words after school today!

Slyde said...

my son's teacher is very cute and bangable. I'm pretty sure i shouldnt be trusted alone with her..

RW said...

Wouldn't fret too much. She was probably making a point with him more than you. He's only four. Look on it as a learning experience from him because, y'know, we all have to learn to behave in society even if we are an anarchist at heart.

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