Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And that's when I snapped

I am enjoying the hot yoga.

Last night it was a class of two. Me and a guy in his fifties. He was chattery. Made small AND long talk with the teacher. He had a running commentary on his performance. Dude wouldn't shut up. Then, when the teacher had us repeat a pose three times and said, "Third times a charm." He replied, "Expect in marriage, my third wife was a bitch!"


Well, not at that exact moment. But it was coming.

To talk during yoga is to short change the poses. The poses are the key. You physically move yourself into different positions, moving unspoken things inside you. It requires deep, deep breathing. Inhaling through the nose, exhaling like you are fogging up a mirror. The breathing is like the engine pushing the train.

These poses, these are when the hands of God reach out and heal me. He cups my sad, sad energies in his hands. Lifting them from me and taking them away.


None of that can happen if I have to block out Dude's yammering.


When he turned to me and started chatting, I made pleasant small talk. Again, it was a small class and the teacher was new. They had both made attempts to get to know me. I can also do some poses very easily. Like this one called "supta vajrasana or fixed firm" . They were intrigued.

I told them I've been practicing yoga for nine years. Then I told them I've been on a five month break. They asked why. And I told them. I was pregnant but I lost the baby. So now I am back at yoga. They were sad about it.

On a side note, that was completely weird for me, telling them this. But I'm no good at lying or making up stories. So out the truth came.


Dude kept talking to me. I turned my head towards him. As I tried to shoot lasers out of my eyes, I said, "I like to focus on my breathing during yoga." And made a thumbs up sign.

He then backed off. And for the rest of the class I breathed, sweated, posed and healed some more.

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Lotus07 said...

People that talk in steam rooms, in theaters, in yoga class and on crowded elevators need to be hit by trains....fast moving freight trains, so they end up like a bug on a windsheild. Those are my thoughts on that subject.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero... to bitchslap and thumbs-up while doing so? I would have walked over and high-fived you.

The teach should have asked if talking during class was acceptable to all students and smoothed that over for you...wonder what was going on with there?

Kudos on the fixed firm...my legs are known to get a little tingly during that one.

Pchoo-Pchoo-Pchoo (that's my laser eyes sound effect) ;)

white rabbit said...

Marrying three times is overdoing it IMO. They probably divorced him for talking too much,


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