Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sore for a reason

not much to report these days. it's odd. i'm a person who talks a lot. yet here i am, not talking much at all.

i believe it's a matter of 'a little less talk, a lot more action.' working out more i mean.

since i've started working out more, taking care more, i can't move as much. i'm sore all over. i'm limping and having a hard time raising my arms. so sore. my sleep has launched into this super, deep sleep. which makes sense. my sleep has been crap since the miscarriage and now that I'm healing, my body is double deep sleeping to catch up.

i'm working with a trainer. well, he's free now, but soon i'll have to start paying him. which is weird. dude is six foot five and muscles all bulgy. i don't wine when he helps me work out. i just do the things he asks. i don't really say anything to him. he says muscles are important because they support your bones and joints.

i say sure. but i know things are changing inside. the tearing down and building up of muscles heals my hurt.

so. very sore. still soo sleepy. but all for a reason. all for the greater good.



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