Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yeah, see now, if I wasn't a working Mom, I'd bust out posts every day. But here I am, posting on a Saturday night, when noone reads them. Also, with my exhausted Mommy brain, I can't really write coherently. Yet, this does not stop me.

So-let's begin, shall we?

Started rollerblading again. Went out with the kids. They follow me like ducklings. Mac was on his tricycle yelling, "THIS IS AWESOME!!" We starting singing our favorite song. Then, we were shouting. And laughing. And shouting. Which is triple awesome. I've never had a work out that made me laugh or giggle or shout. :)

This is our favorite song to sing:

When I took my skates off, I looked at my toes. They're battered and chipping toenail paint and I was happy. Because I've lost ELEVEN POUNDS. I'm waking up and feeling more, especially happy more. I am starting to feel tough and normal. Which is nice to feel.

AND on that note. We are signed up for a "Adoption from the foster care system meeting" [note: not the real title of the meeting]. It happens next month.

Let me back up:

Before we were married, Mr. Hall and I decided that we would have have our own children, then adopt when we were done. We've been married 10 awesome years. We're most likely done having children. This advances the plan to adopt. We still have time though, time to change our minds.

Plus, we're still healing from the miscarriages. I think I'm done but then, during yoga, I feel this pool of sadness. Not in every yoga class, just some. After class I drive two blocks away and let the water out through my eyes. Not after every class, just some.

So, we'll start with a meeting. The "Adopt from the foster care system meeting". Which is two hours long- in the middle of a Thursday.

I told Mr. Hall -I'll take a vacation day to attend. Then, Mr. Hall said, "Or. I could just go alone." Which made my heart do a thousand leaps.

When we need him, he's there whenever, where ever, or however it's needed.

His love is a constant felt hum that gets all super sonic explodey when called for.

He's the best husband and father ever.

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the queen said...

I have a friend who has adopted two babies from foster care. Both Moms were prostitutes. She began taking care of one as young as two months, I think. She tried adopting two other older ones, but they were seriously messed up. She sees them at daycare sometimes, amd they play her, which is sad.

Mrs. Hall said...


the queen said...

Plus, she's white, they're black, and they have no idea. One is three now. The toddler sees his mom's black friends and stares at them extra hard, that's about it.

Mrs. Hall said...


K.D. said...

So much love in your family. So much expression in your writing. Best wishes to you. Keep doing what you do.

Mrs. Hall said...

yes, we excel at the love :)

Anonymous said...

You have an ACE of a husband.
And roller blading! You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Ten thousand high-fives to Mr & Mrs Hall on merit of their shared awesomeness!

Rollerblading is also a passion of mine, when not on my wicked witch of the west bike (two children and three adults have told me that they think it looks like the same bike) I love to skate around town. This crazy summer heat was dangerous, blading in this heat.

And, really... Mr. Hall, you are a king among daddies, hubbies, and men everywhere! You just get it and set a great example for your children.

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