Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You make the call

Welcome back to YOU make the call!

I had to duct tape my bumper so it wouldn't sag as a I drove home. AND NO, THAT'S NOT MY CAR UP THERE. I have a jetta.


This is where you all come in. Let's examine what happened to cause such duct tape usage and decide if any of it is my fault.

First, in a bizarre twist, I damaged my front bumper by backing up. The concrete stop (at the end of the parking spot) was held down by two rebars (one through either end). As I was backing up, I heard a crunch and then Styrofoam came a popping up. One of the rebars had risen up while I was parked, it was half way out of the ground.

This is what dislodged my bumper, it pulled my right front bumper out from underneath as I backed up.

SO!! my question is this-could the rebar have been that far out of the ground when I parked? Could the 100 degree heat have pushed it up while I was parked? How much blame do I need to take here?

Leave your decision in the comments.

Be kind people, this is the second parking lot incident I have had, damaging my car but JUST DRIVING IT.


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the queen said...

I could see rebar sticking up four inches, and then you drive over it, then it becomes 4.2 and traps your car. Not your fault.

Mrs. Hall said...

Right! The heat pushed it up! Good call Queen!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Here I thought you were going for a dandy detailing look on the cheap...

GeologyJoe said...

i not so sure the rebar would have risen up from the heat. im thinking that when you pulled in some part of your car, pushed the curb and tilted it upward, lifting the rebar up with it. after you stopped the curb dropped flat, leaving the rebar up.
nothing you could do about it really.

Mrs. Hall said...

WHAT? ok, I'm going to need Mr. Hall to review your answer. but, it sounds like you are supporting my no blame defense so THANKS BUDDY!


Lotus07 said...

Rebars fault obviously, but good luck sueing the rebar (or its owner)

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