Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Any suggestions for a new car?

I realize there are a lot bigger things going on in this world then my car troubles. But please, bear with me.

Today, after months and months of dealing with it, I called a mechanic and told him the following:

"When I'm driving the car and I hit the 20-25 mph mark i feel a kick, like the car is being kicked from behind. It's like the car jumps. (he asked some questions and I clarified-) it only happens in the lower speed numbers and not in the higher speed numbers, for ex-it doesn't happen when I am driving 55-65. It doesn't happen when I am turning.

It's very annoying because my head hits the head rest when it kicks. (I didn't tell him the part about my morning sickness and how I really don't want to be jostled when driving like this because it only fuels my pukiness. He didn't need to know).

Also, there is a bumper issue which my husband does not want addressed. (I said this a few times)"

So, I bought my jetta when graduated as a nurse. I've had the car longer then I've been Mrs. Hall. I love that car. It has HEATED LEATHER SEATS.

It also has a low wheel base and big stupid rims. Which means it sucks for winter. I've gotten stuck and slippy slidey all over the place. This is no good. Winter is like 6 months in this state.

I've also blown the tires like 4 times. Just driving. When you have big rims, WHICH ARE FACTORY ISSUED, the tires are touchy. Again, with winter being a large part of this state, the roads, they being made of cement, freeze and form cracks and potholes. I am careful but the jetta tires are not up to such torment.

Then there is this little baby in mah belly. Which is still making me pukey and I love her so but really, enough already, I'm 13 weeks. enough. I love you little Maggie pie but please. Mr. Hall would like to thank you for the c cups but I DIGRESS.

Back to the jetta.

Another feature of the jetta it the ITSY BITSY SMALL BACK SEAT. Three carseats will not fit.

All of which produces a sad for me. We will be looking to get it fixed then sending it on it's way most likely.

I love that car. It was my first grown up car. I had a POS datsun before that car. When I bought the Jetta I said would drive it until the floor fell out.

Looks like it is.

So. Any suggestions for a new car?



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GeologyJoe said...

is it an automatic? the 'kick' could be during a gear shift.

my friends, who are also about to have their 3rd kid, and who also didn't want a minivan got a GMC Acadia. a massive beast of a vehicle.

Mrs. Hall said...

it is an automatic.

GMC acadia eh?

hold on-


the beast, it sucks gas no?

that's the problem. we need a fuel effecient vehicle!


here's hoping :)

GeologyJoe said...

i know its a real gas hog. you would think that in 2011 a multi-passenger fuel efficient (>30mpg) car would be available. i blame car companies and greedy oil companies.

Heff said...

Face the music and buy the damn mini-van.

Mrs. Hall said...

geojoe: yeah, me too.


Lotus07 said...

I am really no help here, since I glide a Segway to work and own a British Sports car for my immature moments.

But for cheap sporty thrills, find a used Lotus Elan 100. Two seats, convertible, Isuzu Drive Train, sport, and perfect for that Weekend Getaway with Mr. Hall, and the used ones are dirt cheap if you can find one.

Other than that, have you checked out Mini-Vans these days....I wouldn't mind owning a top of the line Caravan....those are sweet rides. (and with three kids....you might want to reconsider)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I thought I was too cool for a Momvan, too. But three kids, honey. Just sayin'.

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