Thursday, June 9, 2011


How do I describe what happened last night?

It was hot, ~ 100 degrees. The kids jumped in the pool and I hesitated. I stood by the side of the pool and then temptation bit me. I jumped in the warm water.

Then, after a spell, the kids were done. Hungry. Off they went to eat sammiches. Mr. Hall appeared with snorkeling goggles and feety fins. Which, I can say now, is a complete game changer.

I mean, I like our pool, love it in fact, but having snorkeling goggles and feety fins . . . changed my world.

I must have spent two hours diving in the deep end. Popping up and taking deep breaths, all loud and gulpy. Then plunging down, trying to touch the drain. I opened my entire body, stretched out my arms and legs so wide. It felt amazing.

I didn't realize how hunched I've become, how much nausea grips my body. I didn't realize swimming would free me from all that. It felt divine as I stretched out, making myself into a big upside down L. I was so weightless. So graceful as I glided around. Gravity had no hold, I was so free.

And the more I swam, the freer I became.

Then I would dive down a bit, flip onto my back and stare up through a sheet of water. I would blow these bubbles and let them float to the surface. Big, globby air balloons of my own making.

Then my body would float to the top. I'd pop up again, all giggly. Mr. Hall was on the side, watching my delight. I made him promise we'd never be without a pool.

Then more gulps and down I went again. :)

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Heff said...

Yeah, Pool SEX is pretty cool, too.

Mrs. Hall said...

um, the fence isn't high enough for that!!!

Cha Cha said...

Oh, that's lovely. And I've always loved that REM song.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Funny, my pregnant neighbor was over Tuesday telling me something VERY SIMILAR (she's at the 6 mo. mark) and was SO GLAD to be in our pool.

Sandra said...

Are flippie code for sex?...ok, maybe not....your time in the pool sounds very decadent though!

Mrs. Hall said...

GG yeah poools!

Sandra, no, flippie feet are the swim fins that go on your feet.


Lotus07 said...

Next year I plan on having a lap pool installed in our back yard for the same reasons you describe here. It is better than counseling and more healthy than medication.

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