Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is not my house I just live here (Update)

update: for those reading in google reader, there are words here, so click on my page and come to the site to read them. or just enjoy the video before the mofos yank it. On this night I took extra special care of myself. I lovingly dyed my hair, did my nails, lingered in a hot shower. On this night I breathed deep and relaxed.

It was also on this night my mom chooses to toss the work ‘fuck’ around like a ping pong ball. Normally I can withstand it, normally I can take it. Sometimes I make the mistake of stepping on to the whirling disk and fall, smacking my face on the concrete.

Tonight I just collected myself and ran downstairs, turned off the light and shut the door. She yelled from upstairs, still batting the word ‘fuck’ around.

Ignoring the drama makes it grow.

I don’t care though.

Because I am far from home, but not in the danger zone.

2 Left a message at the beep:

Cam said...

You didn't take the bait!! Yay!

Someone very wise (you) explained this concept to me once...

It is an ongoing practice.

I will say a prayer of deliverance for you today!!

Mrs. Hall said...

Cam: Goddamn I am a smarty aren't I? :)

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