Friday, April 17, 2009

(Misheard swears at the Olive Garden)

A few weeks ago, the wee Pancake (my daughter, age 6), and I were waiting for a table at the Olive Garden. It was crowded.

Some dude was using his cellphone while clogging our space. Very loudly.

He says,


My head whips around, jaw dropped in disbelief.

I mean, it's not like you can miss a small child standing LESS THAN A FOOT AWAY.


This is what we do while waiting for things, we thumb wrestle.

I look directly at Pancake. She has a smile on her face. A naughty smile. Eyes all wide. She knows swears have been said in her vincity.

I decide to take the bull by the horns, acknowledge the swear, call it out for the ugliness it is. I say, "Did you hear what that man said?,"

"Yes!", she peeped. "That man called somebody a stupid fish!"

And no, I didn't correct her :)

OK For this you get one of my favorite songs!

Ladies and Gents:

Reel Big Fish


DAMMIT!!! Who wants to be in a band with me??? Come on!! I could totally be the lead singer, I mean, what I lack in vocal talent I would totally make up for with my babeness!!!

10 Left a message at the beep:

Verdant Earl said...

I rock at Guitar Hero on beginner.

Does that help?

Mrs. Hall said...

Sure does Earl!!!

You'll play lead!!

Now, we need a bassist, drummer (to start anyway :)

sista #2 said...

I'm in....I want to play the tamborine, like the girl on the Partridge Family.


Mrs. Hall said...

ROCK ON Sista #2!


Mrs. Hall-lead vocals
Earl-lead guitar hero
Sista #2-tamborine

and this just in . . .

Mr. Hall on COW BELL!!!


who's next???

Cam said...

Oooh...I was just about to suggest Bergman for cowbell. Could be be backup cowbell?

I would totally rock out the drums. I keep awesome time. And, my little bro is a drummer, so he could teach me to be like Tommy Lee in a few easy lessons...


What is our band name?

Mrs. Hall said...


OH HELLS YEAH Bergman can play the cowbell, Mr. Hall can do other things!! :)

Here's the new line up:

Mrs. Hall-Lead vocals, lyrics
Cam: Drums, lyrics
Earl: Lead guitar hero
Mr. Hall: rythm guitar hero, zombie killer
Bergman: Cowbell
Sista #2: Tamborine

Ok still need a bassist, but

the name

Potter's Ground




anyone have other suggestions?



sista #2 said...



Mrs. Hall said...

ohh nice . . .

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Is this a jazz ensemble? I play jazz trumpet.

If fish are stupid why does fish oil increase our IQs?

Mrs. Hall said...

Ole Blue: DUDE! yes, you are in the band with the trumpet, all jazz solo and everything.

and i am not sure about the fish . . . . . :)

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