Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's been too long

I've always wondered how blogs die. I mean, when I started this puppy, I would put out 1 or 2 posts A DAY. Long, chewy posts. Now it's been almost a month since my last post.

It's been too long!

But what can I say? I don't have any new news. Still working towards foster parenthood. Still working towards getting knocked up. Still enjoying my saucy life as a mom, wife and a nurse.

Been getting up at 4.45 am to work out with a friend. That is nice. I wouldn't go without her. Plus, she texts me with things like, "I'm on the toliet, see you in a few". And other such potty humor. She gets me.

Went to the fertility yoga class and with the Mommies that are on the NEED TO GET PREGNANT NOW-WHATEVER IT TAKES treadmill. Which I totally want to hug them about. I use to be on that treadmill and invited a bunch of yuck into my life as a result. I'm healed now, through the power of faith, and dangnammit, I want to hug the women in that class. I think my cheeriness falls on deaf ears. I'm at peace with all of this and their swirling crazily. Hugs to anyone that is trying to conceive (ttc) because God loves you and so do I.

Foster care is starting to scare the crap out of me. Not much more to say about that. I'll take it as it comes. Again, it's something I've given up to God. So, again, I feel peace.

So, I could go on and on about many things but there is nothing going on. I can say I get frustrated with the women folk in my life because FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY JUST SAY YES WHEN I INVITE YOU TO ZUMBA/DINNER/LUNCH/COFFEE/A WALK. Stop telling me you have to ask your husband if he'll watch the kids, stop telling me you're too busy because you can't say no to work/volunteer obligations cause that's your fault and just say yes to letting yourself grow outside your roles.

Sorry for the run on sentence.

But, it bugs me. I realize I have a golden husband that supports whatever I am and want to be. I realize I have boundaries with the obligations in my life and therefore have copious amount of awesome time. I realize I am unique in my fun loving side that can jump in and do pretty much everything and anything because I love adventure.

I realize I am unique in the respect.

Ok, 'nuff complaining.

I leave you with something my daughter said. She made a new friend and she's all excited. "I know she's going to be a good friend because she believes like me." And I said, "Believes what?"

"She believes that anything is possible, even that I can hold up a hotel with my pinky!"


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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, you are so brave to enter the foster world. I applaud you!
I hate that I'm beholden to the rest of my house for scheduling fun. HATE.

K.D. said...

Way to end on a high note! Awesome girl -- awesome mom.

Mrs. Hall said...

GG: :)

K.D. thanks! hee hee

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