Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bodypump class and my attitude adjustment

So, for the past 3 weeks I've been at Bodypump class starting at 5.15 am. It's like an aerobic class with weightlifting, all timed to techno versions of popular songs. It looks like that class up there. Our instructor is a man named Bob, who is about 50and complains about his knees sometimes. He sings along with the music and tells us what moves to do. People whoop and holler during the tough parts. I've started whoop a bit too. It's either that or I start flipping Bob off.

Yeah see, I'm not a fan of getting up early and getting pumped up for the day. But, I have a work out partner and dangnammit, I'm doing things I never thought possible. This is isn't all about me. Which is a nice change! And the more I do, the greedier I get. I'm going to spinning tomorrow where another teacher will yelp and push me. I hope to have warm thoughts about the spinning teacher. But, I'll probably have an attitude about it. Hopefully I'll hide it well.

Again, the urge to give the teachers the stink eye is strong. The voices in my head that SCREAM FOR ME TO GO BACK TO BED AND FERGET IT are strong. My crabby is strong. But, I'm a grown up and I can stick my fingers in my ears and say 'LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!' I can ignore the voices and crabby and just do this anyway. And sure enough, I am. The voices and crabby are getting quieter. Which is nice.

Then, there was last week.

I forgot my towel last week. The girl at the front desk said that I can use their towel for a fee of one dollar. Now, I'm a Christian woman, quiet, friendly even. So, I said, "A dollar? For a towel?" Then I felt the crazy rise up, deep crazy, ape shit crazy. I realized I was GLARING at her and ugly words were rushing to my mouth and I needed to dial that crap back on down!

I counted to ten in my head. I was still staring though. She went on to explain that I can add a towel fee to my membership for 10 dollars a month. Which is bullshiz because their 'towels' are no bigger than worn out hand towels. I was still staring at her.

I gently took the towel and went on my way.

I didn't pay the dollar fee. I've been back every week day since and she hasn't asked me for the dollar. But, I've remembered to bring my towel every day since, so there's that.

Small victories!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'd give the stink eye for a $1 towel rental fee, too.
Brava for not flipping Bob the bird.

Mrs. Hall said...

I am actually making friends with Bob. because it makes it easier if I'm friends with the Bob. I can't really get mad at him that way!!

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