Monday, December 21, 2009

She believes, She really believes in Santa Claus

This post is from last year and it's still very true. :)

This is Santa Claus, checking the list to see if Pancake (my daughter, age 7 and Mac ( my son, age 3)have been naughty or nice. I can guarantee you, they have been good as gold. :)

This year, my daughter believes in Santa Claus. It is a deeper and more elaborate belief than last year.

As we were shopping for sweaters on Sunday, the topic of Santa came up. She would hold up things and say, "I want this for Christmas" and then politely put it back. After two or three times, I said, you need to wait until you see Santa, then you can tell him what you want for Christmas. She came close to me, with a very serious look on her face. Then she whispered, "Mom, he can hear us now, and when you say you want it for Christmas, he knows. He's watching us right now."

I felt a rush of wow, weird and misty eyed. Then, I heartily agreed with her assessment. "Yes, you're right, he can hear us right now." We smiled.

Last night, we went to see Mr. Claus himself. She sat on his lap with her brother, not saying much, more basking in the happiness. He had to gently coax them into talking. It took a few minutes, this visit. She was beaming the whole time.

After, I asked her what they talked about. "I asked for a pony and I told him Mac is too little to ask, so I asked for an Elmo for him." I asked her what else she might want Santa to bring her. "Santa can bring what he wants, he can decide", she said smiling.

I asked her what Santa said to her, "Did he ask what your name is sweetheart?"

"Mom, he already knows who I am, silly".

Again, a mixture of Holy Good Lord, she really believes.

And to top the night off she chanted this on the ride home:

"S-A-N-T-A, SANTA SANTA! He's our man!"

The kicker though, the absolute kicker, happened when I was tucking her into bed.

"Can we get a present for Santa when he comes? I wish we can get him a present too."

Here's to the magic and wonder of Christmas all :)

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Poindexter said...

sweet magical Christmas joy. how lovely it must be to feel it fresh again as the parent of a child who is living the Santa spirit. :)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


I believe in Santa too :)

Merry Christmas to you!

Susan Higgins said...

Sweet story... that little Pancake of yours is a gem. I love that she wanted to give Santa a gift.

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