Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have seen the promised land, and it's in my hot tub

On this day, when the snow is reaching 14 inches and blowing horizontal, let's step back and enjoy the largess. Shall we?

A modest hot tub came with our new house. For the past three nights, The Tribe Called Hall has been enjoying the tub in the four seasons room. Right now, the season is winter. It's going to be one degree tomorrow. And that's the high. So yes, let's hot tub.

After supper and shower, we turn off all the lights. We flip on the bulb that illuminates the water from below. Outside, the moonlight bounces off the icy white snow drifts, making the windowed walls seem lit from within. We start the jets and they whersh mightily. We all climb in, smiling and giggling.

The water warms everything, our arms, our legs, our skin. It cooks our bones. Untold reams of stress spiral loose with furious haste. I can barely say my name after a while. It's like being drunk on warm.

The kids went bananas the first two nights. Splashing and thromping. Spreading their pale limbs outward, swirling in the jet propelled water. They get wilder and we say stop. They temper their feral urges, for a bit anyway. Last night they were calm, floating and still.

Then I have this conversation with Pancake, my daughter of seven years. She says "Momma, this is sooo coool having a hot tub!" I can see the flicker of crazy in her eyes. This tiny swimming pool is her size. Like it was made for her.

"Yes sweet cheeks, it is very cool. But, ya know what makes this so special?"

"We have a hot tub and then in summer we can go swimming in our swimming pool and we can . . ."

"No. It's not the fact that we have these things, it's that we are here together, as a family. If you think about it, how much fun would it be if you were here, in the hot tub, all alone? The hot tub and swimming pool are just things. But us being here, in our house, together as a family, that's what makes all of this so special and fun."

She thinks really hard. She pauses and really, really thinks about it. She smiles. And then she says, "Yeah, like when we have fun doing other stuff".

Then her brother grabs her head and tries to pull her under for the seventh time.

OK guys, time to get out of the tub . . .

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Bruce said...

There are times when I have my doubts.....but then there are times like these, that I think you really are an exceptional parent.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Thanks Bruce ;)

Poindexter said...

Yes, I think Pancake must be mostly sweetie pie. Adorable story!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Poindexter: yeah, she's a good girl, all sorts of love and a big heart ;)

Cam said...

Firstly, it is sooo great to be back here with the Tribe Called Hall, and Secondly, Yessss hot tubbing goood.

Seriously? One degree?

I mean, I can't....I couldn't...a blizzard? The only cool blizzard is the Blizzard of Oz.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...








update me!!!


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

It makes me want a hot tub too. You know, for family bonding.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

tee hee hee Maureen ;)

Slyde said...

i have been aching for a hot tub for years now.. Friz assures me we will get one.

Last year when we went skiing, i spent more time in the hot tub than on the slopes... it was heaven..

GeologyJoe said...

hot, pool and great kids. lucky ducks.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Yes, you should get a hot tub Slyde. Just show her this post! :)

Geo-Joe: quack quack . . . . quack quack ;)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ummm, I think I love you.

Not in a creepy, weird lesbo kind of way, but in a we have the same kind of value system and sometimes your words speak right to my heart kind of way.

I'm just sayin..

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

It's ok, i know yer not gay :) at least not in that ellen-portia de rossi kind of way ;)

Take care and congrats again!

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