Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chicks be so crazy!

First, can I just put a plug in for naps. I love naps. LOVE THEM.

And can I put in a plug for nurse naps where you can nap and nurse your newborn? LOVE THEM TOO.

This is what I do instead of blogging. The nurse nap.


Gotta a call from the county social worker that they might have a 4.5 year old boy to adopt. It's not the same boy we've been watching for almost a year. This boy is sight unseen. My head and heart exploded for about 12 hours after we got that phone call. We didn't expect to be asked to adopt anyone. We just got our 'official foster care family' papers last week. Yes, i know we've been doing the foster care  for about a year but legal is relative sometimes. See what I did there--legal/relative/foster family.

It's all a web people, all a web in the head of Mrs. Hall.


We get the call and my head explodes. I try to keep the crazy energies down and fail. I cry at work thinking about this little boy and this crazy joy goes BOOM in my heart. Because if this is God calling us to adopt then of course we'll say yes. Mr. Hall says, "Slow down chick a dee" and "there is a lot to think about" and I can't hear because I'm already painting the 4.5 y.o.'s room in the theme he'll like. Maybe he like's spongebob instead of cars. hmm . . . .

The first step in this is to set up a meeting with the social worker to discuss things. I email her, she emails me. Then I get the email that things might have changed, we'll have to hold off on the meeting for now. Which is part of this foster gig. Anything can change at any moment. I've never learned such flexibility.


We are light and airy about it. I ask him if he's ok with the sudden change. He says yes," I'm not a chick.

Women rise and fall quickly about these things. I'm slow to rise. And just because she canceled the meeting doesn't mean it's over yet. "

And indeed. It's not over by a long shot!

2 Left a message at the beep:

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

WOW! I'm so excited at the possibility for you!

Slyde said...

You can always adopt ME, you know...

i really dont take up much space.

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