Monday, May 7, 2012

Unexpected STD

There was this woman I heard about the other day. She had gotten some news from her annual physical, news she didn't understand. Her pap came back positive for the clap. Which made no dang sense. She'd been married for 3 years.



Then, she asked her husband. He admitted he had been cheating on her. With something like 5 women. He says this all casual like. Surprised he didn't caught earlier. He leaves her the house with the two kids. Ages three and one they are.

It gets worse.

Men start arriving to repossess the tv, bed frame and dresser. He, the husband, had been paying all the bills. Thus, she didn't realize everything was from 'rent a center'. Sounds like he wasn't paying the bills. She can't really pay them, she works at walgreens.

I pray for this woman who has to rebuild her entire life with not a lot of working capital. I pray that she turns to God in this time of need. This might be the toughest part of her life and she can't do this alone.

But man o man. What a horrible day to get a call that you have an STD. And with that your life crumbles. All on account of the man you call husband being a complete and utter jerk. I pray for him too. I hope he doesn't visit the evil on any of the other women. I hope he seeks out the Lord and asks for forgiveness.

He's going to need it.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I swear KNOW this woman...
Horrible thing to experience.

Slyde said...

i had an std when i was young and stupid...

now i'm just stupid...

K.D. said...

Hi Mrs. Hall.
I'm seriously considering a career as a psychiatric nurse and I would be most interested in hearing more about your work in that area.
I am not a nurse. (I'm a lawyer.) In my jurisdiction I can obtain a B.Sc.Psychiatric Nursing (as opposed to a B.Sc.N.) and then become a R.P.N. (Registered Psychiatric Nurse).
I would love to hear what you think it takes to be a good, satisfied psychiatric nurse.

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