Friday, July 11, 2008

Five for Friday

There are five songs that currently sum up my current status in life:

1. Wanna be a Rock Star by Nickelback. It is a song of longing for what is not coming to fruition. And while I don't neccessarily want to be a rock star, I want to be my dream job to meteralize. I would also like a "bathroom I can play baseball in." And I do have a certain envy for the Girls next door.

2. Sheep go to Heaven by Cake. It is a song about paying your dues. And it is wearing. But, my heaven job will come. Meanwhile, "As soon as your are born you start dying, so you might as well have a good time." is my favorite line.

3. Old Man on the Back Porch by Presidents of the United States. To have fun Pancake, Mac-n-Cheese and Mr. Hall crank up the mirror ball and rock out to this diddy. And it is fabulous fun indeed.

4. Father of Mine by Everclear. Sort of sad, but not directly applicable to my life. It helps me be so thankful for all that we (the Family Hall) have. 5. I lied, there is only four.

What songs explains your current situation?

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