Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goruck light and other things I did done

Things I planned to do once the foster kids transitioned back to family and was down to just 3 bio kids and weren't ready for more foster kids: 

1. http://www.goruck.com/

Go Ruck light actually 

2. Crossfit

2. big back tattoo
3. crossfit competition
4. cleaning out and organizing main rooms
5. Potty train my 3 year old
6. create a habit of massaging my husband
7. do the 'cook once a week and eat for a month' type meal plan

Done. And done. 


1 Left a message at the beep:

Bruce Johnson said...

I want to see a draft of that back tattoo before you get it!

On another note, my significant other that refuses to leave me no matter how grumpy I get, has been working this Palio diet for the past several months (basically caveman food) and I have to admit that the results are significant.

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