Tuesday, November 13, 2012

then . . . .this conversation happened


ME: Hello
THEM: This is Katie from the brown county vet's office, we just wanted to let you know, we have your prints.
ME:   Prints? (I'm cornfused. I didn't have any photos taken recently)
THEM: Yes, this is the vet's office, we have prints for you.
ME: (I'm still confused. Why is a vet's office calling? My husband is a veteran. But why would a veteran's office be calling about prints of photos?)  I'm sorry, who is this again?
THEM: Brown county veterinarian clinic. We have Prince for you.
This is Prince:
(But wait. Prince died a week ago. It was quick and easy. My husband took him in and that was that. So why are they calling now?)
ME: I'm sorry, my husband had taken him in last week. Um, Prince had passed on.
THEM: Yes, and we have him.
(At this point I am so confused. I am picturing my cat was left in a freezer for a week and they want us to pick him up. I start to think about the movie Pet Cemetery. THE LAND'S GONE SOUR!!!!)
ME: Um,  I'm so sorry. I don't quite understand. Mr. Hall had brought him in so I'm not sure what . . . um. . . was he sent somewhere?
THEM: Yes, and we have his ashes for you.
NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE. They have his ashes because Mr. Hall sent him out to be cremated.
See now, if they had said, "We have Prince's ashes" in the first sentence, I would have totally understood. Instead it took like 10 minutes of me NOT UNDERSTANDING what the hell.
Which is ok. My brain is mush from nursing our new baby every two hours. I'm nursing him while I'm typing this for land's sake!! He won't stop eating!!!
We had Prince for over 15 years. I highly recommend a Siamese. They never get fat or too friendly. They also don't shed.
Sadly, Prince will never get to know our newest boy. He did get plenty of Mac love though.
RIP Prince Albert in a Can Hall.
You will be missed!!

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Christine Bewley said...

My goodness, I would have been so confused too! And I had no idea that you could/can get your pet cremated! Sorry for your loss. =(

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your confusion was TOTALLY justified! And not due to new baby brain either!

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand the concept, Although I like pets.Goa Escorts

Anonymous said...

I don't think Brian really likes pets at all. But I do. And Prince looks lovely. Even though I've always had it in my head that Siamese cats were aloof to the point of unpleasant (probably just from watching Lady and the Tramp). Sorry for your loss. Happy for your gains.

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