Friday, September 2, 2011

It's never as good as you think it's going to be

1. The cupcake.

Been feeling really well lately, eating right and exercising does wonders for everything. So, then, I spotted a cupcake. All little with frosting and sprinkles. I went for it. I went for it because if you eat healthy, you can eat these things once in a great while.

Turns out, it just about tore my stomach apart. STUPID STUPID STUPID factory made, bleached flour, artificial colored cupcake. NOT MADE WITH LOVE. My stomach hurt for almost two days. BAAHH!!

Stupid cupcake.

2. My husband left his email open.

It's not uncommon for my husband to leave his email open. And I have access to his texts. This should be fun, peeking into my husband's stuff. IT'S NOT. Men email like this-

(friend email)

"meet at sports bar at eight?"

"see you there"


(work email)

"cathy client says her computer is running slow-maybe it's the server"

"will check server when I get there. should be there around 9"


(family email)

(from his sister) "mom has . . . . FIVE PARAGRAPHS . . . and what do you think we should do?"

"will give her a call, maybe 6 tonight. shouldn't be too bad really."

I mean SERIOUSLY? That's all he writes?? Why do men have such derth of conversation? Why do I feel compelled to sneak through his email? Well, not really sneak, I mean, he is sitting right next to me as I go through them. And I've complained about this, that he doesn't write enough.

Well, then he writes to me. It tends to be a bit longer and more focused. Those emails are not for public perusal though :)

hee hee hee

4 Left a message at the beep:

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well, brevity is the source of wit...

Rebecka said...

Definitely guy thing.
In our family a phone conversation is like that too.

"How's things?"
"Good, you?"
"'K, see ya then."
"'K, bye."

That's it. Haven't seen each other for months, but I guess it's enough.

I'm glad you're feeling so good these days. Your posts really touch my heart.

Mrs. Hall said...

GG: true, true . .

R: k, sounds good. take care.

GeologyJoe said...

his email transfers all the basic information necessary at the time. its all one needs.

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